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Copes up with Low HB and general debility. Pure Herbal Preparation for anemic patient giving sure response within 21 days to all the patients and improves Hb upto normal range within 90 to 180 days. 


Advantages over conventional heamatenic

Once stabilized, Hb will not drop in normal circumstances for longer period of time.


Other Benefits

- Improves quality of red blood cells, enhance oxygen carrying capacity of RBCs.

- Improves Metabolism

- Gives relief in Insomnia

- Acting as Anti-depressant agent

- Acting as Anti-aging agent

- Increases body resistance

- Very good during pregnancy and in Leucorrhoea

- Removes black pigmentation under eyes due to blood impurities


Extraordinary features of Rakta-P

- It prevents Bone Marrow Depression

- It acts as bone marrow stimulants in drug induced Bone Marrow Depression.



It is not a remedy for Thelesemia minor or major.


  • For Adult -  One capsule a day for routine therapy. For a patient undergoing treatment of Chemotherapy and Dialyses two capsules a day (Morning and Evening)


    For Children below 12 years : Half a dose of adult (To be given cautiously)

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