Sanjivani Fort Herbal Extract Oil
  • Sanjivani Fort Herbal Extract Oil

    For regrowth of hair, and a complete hair treatment.


    - Reactivates Dead hair folliciles and starts hair growth made from rare herbs to cure baldness

    - Stops excessive hair fall in two weeks


    Additional Benefits

    - Serves as a complete hair treatment and regular use  can get you strong silky and dense hair growth.

    • Apply the medicine on the affected part by taking few drops on fingers and gently massage (do not rub vigorously) for about a minute. Apply the medicine regularly in the morning and at night (Two time in a day compulsorily - without fail.)

      • Shake well before use
      • Hair and Scalp should be properly dried before application
      • Use the oil according to scalp requirement only. (Do not wet whole hairs with oil, like we routinely applies oil)