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Dia-care Herbal Powder is a clinically proven medicine to control sugar level in type-II Diabetes

Dia-care herbal powder is a unique herbal compound and doesn't have
any side effects nor does it interact with any other herbs or allopathic drugs.

Dia-care is useful to control and cure NIDDM and IDDM in Adult. For Juvenile case, it has very limited success.

Now it is also proven through clinical trial that Dia-care controls sugar level in type-II diabetes very effectively.

The product has following side effects:

The taste of the product is very bitter or for initial 7 to 10 days patient might feel some stomach upset. This happen because the patient is not habituated to take bitter taste. After person gets habituated to take bitter taste, these will be no problem afterwards. Secondly many (not all) patient might experience mild loose motion, this is occur when there is any problem/malfunction in digestive system, Dia-care first of all clears problem with digestive system and the problem is cleared there is no more loose motion.


Normally within 3 to 4 months the blood sugar level comes within control and patient need not require to take any tables. Insulin takers have to wait for some more times, but within first 6 to 8 months it will fairly checked and  intake of insulin will reduce to
considerable level and over a period of time no need to take the insulin.

Normally response of medicine will starts within 2 to 3 weeks, within this period the sugar level shows downward trend, and monitoring the improvement reduces the doses of insulin. (When a patient cut down the dose - then for a few days the sugar level will increase which will be again come down over a period of time)

Dia-care is available in a pack of 150 gms. a pack is sufficient for one month. The total treatment is around 18 to 24 months. The period of treatment will differs from person to person, average treatment is about 18 months.


If it is possible to consult the doctor, then it is good, so that reduction in doses of other allopathic medicine can be handle with up most care. If the patient have good experience of reading blood sugar reports and can adjust the doses - then there is no need to consult the doctor. Our advise is to consult the doctor periodically.

Normally the product can be taken by any person with any health condition, if the health is not much good, then we have to administer the medicine in cyclical manner (alternate day or on every three days), so the body can accept the medicine and then switch to regular intake of medicine.

5 gms. (Approx. 1 tea spoon) powder, mix it with 1/2 glass of water, stir it properly and kept the overnight.Only the water and not the sediment, must be taken in the morning (With empty  stomach. You can take tea, coffee or break fast after 20-30 minutes) Add fresh water to the remaining of the medicine in the glass keep it for the whole day and drink half an hour before dinner. In the evening just have to drink the water and left the sediment at the bottom. Discard the same and take fresh medicine for next morning.

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